Why You Should Use Proxy Service

A proxy service is a dedicated computer service or software that plays the role of an intermediary between the server and a client applications such as web browsers. It intercepts all requests to the server itself and tries to fulfill them by itself. If it isn’t possible, the request if to the real server. It can reside on a separate server or the same machine. The proxy service allows the client or end device to connect to a different server and easily provides access to services such as files and Web pages, connections or files.

The Purpose of Proxy Services

There are two main functions of proxy servers; to filter requests and improve performance. Proxy services are also used for:

1. Networking- Proxies share internet connection on a LAN. In a situation where only one internet connection exists, but there are multiple computers and other end devices, a proxy service is used to share the internet connection.

2. Improving the internet speed and performance – By using a proxy service, o all requests made by client computers reach the proxy server first. In case any of the requested resources is cached by the proxy, it responds with feedback before directly accessing the main server

3. Anonymity- Proxy services are used to hide the IP address of clients to allow anonymous surfing. This is crucial for security purposes; it prevents attacks and unexpected access.

4. To bypass security restrictions and filters to blocked websites- For instance, in a network, some sites such as Facebook may be blocked from access, a proxy server bypasses the restrictions and allows access to the sites.

5. For scanning outbound content mainly for data leak protection.

6. International proxies are used to circumvent regional restrictions- Some servers use IP- based geo-location when responding to requests, they alter services based on the country. Proxy service here is necessary to mask or change the IP address providing anonymity and access to content.

Smart DNS Proxy server

A smart DNS proxy server is a server whose configuration direct clients to a proxy server depending on Internet locations. It enables clients to access blocked content from anywhere or regionally restricted content. The connection between clients or end users and the restricted server is established through a DNS proxy server within approved locations for downloading and streaming content. A smart DNS proxy does not direct all traffic through the proxy or encrypt communications, unlike the VPN proxy services. It selectively directs the traffic of a site especially those popular streaming services, through the proxy. They basic concept used here is overriding some selected DNS entries such that DNS queries will resolve to the proxy server address rather than the real server address. However, relevant information that enables a user access digital media and content, related to geographical location, is routed through the proxy. A smart DNS proxy is installed or set up across the entire network devices such as laptops, desktop computers, smart televisions, smart phones, and Internet gaming consoles. It allows compatibility with mobile devices operating systems such as Android, Apples Ios, Windows Phone or Blackberry.

Best Smart DNS Proxy Service

Smart DNS Proxy functions on many devices such as your home entertainment system, mobile device, computer or tablet and allows one unblock various websites and access streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and BBC Iplayer. It is also faster than VPN services. Smart DNS servers work in a similar way to a proxy service. For instance, if you are located in a geo-restricted area by a service like Netflix, your connection to access content is blocked, However, using a smart DNS proxy server, the Netflix servers are tricked that you are connecting from a location where content is allowed. As an intermediary server, smart DNS server makes all requests on your behalf, and you can access content from Netflix.

The Best Smart DNS Proxy service (http://smartdnsproxy.com) has over 300 Services supported. It unblocks websites and digital media very fast and works with any device that can access the internet. It provides unlimited device access and comes with a smart VPN that allows you to download torrents, and encrypt and keep your internet traffic secure. With the package, you can use the Smart DNS Proxy API for activation of your IP, such that you create a program that runs the link on a convenient pre-determined schedule.

This Smart DNS service allows users access all services from anywhere upon activation. The smart DNS proxy service is ideal for travelers, experts, or anyone living in geo-restricted areas.